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Autism and Mushrooms: Enoki

"Little ones especially have need of rootedness. They are almost overly-rooted in a part of themselves that is deep, very deep, and of a singularity that is not available to others.

Some have the capacity to be reached by animals, plants, and energetic patterns that don’t register with most humans, and in this is a valuable connective potential.

Our significant contribution is in relating, opening the responsiveness to the family, to close associations. Here we mean those whose connectivity is through love, not through duty or obligation, but through love … ones who have come in trust and are trustworthy.

In the eyes, minds, and hearts of many of these little ones, those are few. Family, yes, the shared roots and, again, again, we say, those who come in love, acceptance, and even in, especially in, JOY to the disconnected little one, well older ones, too, of course.

Those who share the bases, the foundations, of living with the disconnected one, we would expect to see more eye contact, more physical contact tolerance, more smiling and listening; a glance, a holding of attention, a softness, softening.

How will Love get in and how will love express? Through the eyes, the crinkly smiling eyes, the gentle touch, the tenderness of touch. Both ways, yes both ways [i.e. parent to child and child to parent]. We are bound together in our expression and we cherish that, and we are extremely happy to give it to those whose lack of connectedness  brings forth sorrow, sadness, frustration, and longing. [To family and people close to the autistic child] these feel like lack of love, but they are simply that the doors are not open. 'The windows of the soul,' are closed … but YES! LOOK! They are not locked, they are not shuttered.

We are giving a way that slides open the windows of connection, the windows that let in the light of the eyes, both directions. Isn’t that a lovely thing?"

Mushrooms on the Menu: More about the effects of mushrooms on those with autism. One-hour video, Mushrooms on the Menu

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