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Stillwater, Jul 31, 2020 (  - “Blessings to all who are suffering from the sickness that has spread through the land, weakening, frightening, and killing. Even if they are not taken ill, every person learns from this experience and is altered. Some expand, some contract, all are affected.” - Shiitake Mushrooms

“Mushrooms are more than food and more than medicine. They are spiritual teachers,” according to Shiitake Mama (formerly Sandra Dutreau Williams, PhD) of and founder of Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation. Ms. Mama is a psychic who, for over ten years, has received hundreds of messages through direct communication with mushrooms and the Natural World. “The mushrooms speak in my mind and I type their messages, or they speak through me verbally. I’m their channel, I give them a voice."

When the Corona Virus emerged early in 2020, the mushrooms spoke of the dangers — and the potential blessings. All the messages unequivocally stated that COVID19 is 'an agent for change.' “Each mushroom species has its unique perspective on how COVID19 can change us. A voice I call 'The Spirit of the Mushroom’ speaks for the whole Fungal Realm.” 

“The messages are about what is occurring and what can occur for us as humans and spiritual beings,” Shiitake Mama said. “Through our COVID experiences, we are becoming more aware of ourselves, our relationships, and the environment. Through this shared experience, some people will become more authentic individuals who can help form more effective societies. We can better understand how what we each think, feel, and do affect us all.”

The Spirit of the Mushroom: “A gentle wind blows through human experience right now, in the midst of what you are perceiving as a tsunami of illness. Grand, and also subtle, changes are occurring in which those who are ready and willing to shift their perspective and expand their awareness are given opportunities to live their philosophies, expand their understandings and use the personal tools they have developed. We say it is a gentle wind because awareness is slow-moving and many hardly notice their shifts and expansions.

Some humans think a conspiracy is afoot, or that the disease is manmade; or that its spread is a factor of negligence and poor management. These 'beliefs' are immaterial. What matters are the outcomes?

The situation exists. All experience it in some ways, all are affected, and movement occurs. We mushrooms facilitate the movement through immunity and through our abilities to heal body, mind, and emotions. We facilitate all life by maintaining our functions in the Natural World as nurturers and destroyers. We urge all people to continue in faith and not fear. Adaptation turns on creativity. It is an opportunity. We and our kind are here to teach and increase the well being of all. We are available for healing and protecting.”

Shiitake Mushrooms: “Those who recover are grateful. Those who grieve suffer more than those who die. Those who die, continuing into what is called ‘heaven,’ the ‘interlife,’ ‘afterlife,’ or the ‘spirit realm,’ are completing this segment of existence. Despite human thought, judgment and emotional reactions, an alliance exists between the person who contracts the virus and the virus. The person dies or recovers.

Those who die, especially the elderly, are ready to be released. Their energies, or frequencies, do not entirely cease, but diminish; and then become tiny resonances. Their progeny, beloved ones, enemies, acquaintances, and the recipients of their beingness (for example, humans who have responded to a musician, artist, or writer) carry memories and resonances. These resonances have become part of the grievers’ energies and frequencies.

Do you see it? Do you understand the extent and the inevitability of our interconnectedness? Why it is and how it is that respecting all beings is critical to your ultimate happiness and well being?

Rather than seeking preventions and protection, many humans are not using what is available. What are they thinking? Some are thinking the viral disease isn’t real. Indeed, some deny that viruses exist. Some are certain that they need to do nothing; if they are exposed, they will not contract it. Some truly are not willing to change or take any extra effort because they won’t look at and don’t understand the potential for harm and hurting. 

It IS a lethal disease. Its intent is to infect and to take from the body all it can until the virus cell loses its energy – its frequency lowered by the body’s immune system or by the medicinal intervention (plants, mushrooms, pharmaceuticals) or by the host’s death. Some people have immune systems so effective that the virus barely invades before it is de-fused; some have immune systems so weak that the microbes course through the body like kayakers through Class 5 rapids.

We mushrooms act as we are directed by our chemical compositions and our frequencies – resonating with the organs in need. Many of our kind are able to respond to specific organs and conditions. We will always provide what we have. As it is able, the body will respond — receive and process our assistance. We are here to serve, to strengthen, and to heal. That is our mandate, our intention, and our fulfillment.”

Psilocyben Mushrooms: “This time of the virus is trying and challenging. It shows each person the places in heart and mind that need and long for connection with others. Self-care and safety for others: These are the elements of human response that come clearer in times of crisis. This prolonged uncertainty is a teacher, and resting from contemporary life-stress is healing. The outcomes? It’s too soon to know. Maybe good/fortunate, maybe bad/unfortunate. Most likely both.”

Morel Mushrooms: On the disease and its spread, we echo those who understand that the virus is an agent for change, a destroyer that creates circumstances for a new order. 
    Relationships -- As priorities change, people understand themselves and others from different perspectives. For some, appreciation and love for the self and others grow and deepen. Some become fearful; others are empowered. Being separated and being sheltered together, both are opportunities to become kinder.
    Sensing the interconnected web of life -- People can understand more clearly the dependence of humans and all life forms on the health of the air,  water, and earth.
    Self-discovery -- Coming to know oneself more clearly, whether from ego or heartfeltness or from connection or isolation.
    Coming to terms with the here and now -- Some people focus on wanting circumstances to be different. Some accept what is and adapt, and life is easier.
    Recognizing one’s resistance or willingness to respond to the greater, higher purpose and good. The latter makes life better.

These are aspects of human adaptation and what has been called “ascension” – coming to a greater awareness of what is real. We say again that Love is real. Caring and concern are real — here we mean care and concern for one's self, others, the environment, and the greater good in one’s choices and actions. Service is real; and, to a degree, selflessness, in which one is willing to release neediness and greed, release fear and resistance, so that the frequencies and life energies of all creation may be increased – family, community, region, country; and that all beings benefit from each of you living on Earth at this time.

Our role is to bring people into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well being and to prove that all beings have consciousness and have unique, critical parts in the interconnected web of all being.”

According to Shiitake Mama, "Health and strong immune systems are the best defense. Many people are already eating more mushrooms and taking supplements that strengthen immunity and have anti-viral properties: shiitake, reishi, oyster mushrooms, as in the 1-minute animated video, Let's Keep Ourselves Immune, and Agaricus blazei. Once the virus has attacked the body, large doses of one or more mushrooms can weaken and resist the virus, including reishi, cordyceps, Phellinus linteus (Black hoof mushroom), turkey tail, agarikon, and chaga. These are functional foods, and have few if any, side effects." 

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A one-minute, fun video about keeping ourselves healthy in the Corona Virus time -- and any time. Good for kids to watch and sing! From Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation and Shiitake Mama

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