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Spiritual and Psychic Channeling

Channeling is receiving messages directly from spirit guides or non-physical energies/intelligences and communicating the messages to others. Generally, the channelings teach us, enlighten us, and raise our levels of consciousness. Spirit speaks directly to the listener through the channel. The messages are about love, healing, happiness, peace, personal fulfillment, spiritual development and connection to Spirit/God/All That Is. Some channelers are also mediums, communicating with those who have passed.

Shiitake Mama (formerly Sandra Williams, PhD) is a gifted, trained, and skilled professional
psychic and channeler.

Shiitake Mama and The Mushrooms

From the mushrooms Shiitake Mama channels information about how mushrooms and fungi affect the planet and the harmonies and balances in Nature. Fungi promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health for humans, animals, and the Earth. They say, “We are healers and spiritual teachers.” Mushrooms are help us as food and medicine, yes; and more -- they encourage our spiritual development, individually and globally.

Since 2009 Mama has received hundreds of messages from mushrooms and the Natural World. “The mushrooms speak in my mind and I type their messages, or they channel directly through me. I give them voice." 

“Messages from Mushrooms” are posted on Our Facebook Page. Shiitake Mama will be publishing them as e-books and in print.

MORE: Madame Tremella, a comic performance character who channels Messages from Mushrooms through the Tremella mushroom on her head!
Learn more about Shiitake Mama and Her Story  ›

Shiitake Mama and Surely Grace, Spirit Guides

Surely Grace, a group of spiritual guides whose members have never been in physical form, work with Shiitake Mama, the Mushrooms, and other intelligences and energies, offering universal messages about happiness and wholeness, our relationships with ourselves, one another, work and careers, the Natural World, and The All That Is.

During a session with Surely Grace, the guides connect with the sitter’s higher consciousness – Where are you in your spiritual journey? What’s the next best step? Surely Grace will respond to questions, always with the intention of encouraging easier, happier living and expanding the person’s spiritual development and awareness.

Shiitake Mama offers private sessions in person or by phone or computer connection. Classes, programs, and workshops are posted on Spirit’s Wisdom Meetup.

Contact Shiitake Mama by phone at 800-792-0053 or send us a message.

Madame Tremella

A performance character channeled through Shiitake Mama, Madame Bella Tremella is a Romanian psychic who communicates with mushrooms.

At parties, stage performances, spiritual/psychic fairs and in private readings, Madame Tremella brings forward Messages from Mushrooms with humor, gentleness, and compassion for our health, happiness and spiritual well-being.

Contact Shiitake Mama to schedule a private party or public performance with Madame Tremella and the Spirit or the Mushrooms.
Learn more about Madame Tremella  ›
“I was thrilled and amazed with the level of accuracy and insights Sandra (Shiitake Mama) has given me in our two recent readings. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking enlightenment and guidance on their own path forward!!”
“Thank you so much for the amazing reading! I can’t believe how quickly you picked up on the issue I needed answers on! You were spot on with everything – you are truly gifted. Thank you.”
“I believe Spirit sent me your way because you were able to help me like no one before you. Your words were exactly what I needed.”

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