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Madame Tremella

A performance character channeled through Shiitake Mama, Madame Bella Tremella is a Romanian psychic who communicates with mushrooms. 

At parties, stage performances, spiritual/psychic fairs and in private readings, Madame Tremella brings forward Messages from Mushrooms with humor, gentleness, and compassion for our health, happiness and spiritual well-being.

Contact Shiitake Mama to schedule a private party or public performance with Madame Tremella and the Spirit or the Mushrooms.
The Tremella Mushroom
"Though her beauty seems ethereal, she is very much one of earth and ground, plants, roots, trees, insects, dragonflies. To consume and even to contemplate Tremella connects one to the earth and to crystal energies."

- Messages From Mushrooms

What People Say About Madame Tremella

Wild Tremella Mushroom 
(Tremella fuciformis)
Tremella mushroom, dried, as they are packaged in the store, Asian markets, primarily.
Tremella soaked and ready to cook, or to crown Madame Tremella.

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