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As one handles us, as in picking, preparing, and preserving, one absorbs mushroom energy – of course – and also, one absorbs the biochemical properties of that mushroom. As one cooks mushrooms, the energies and properties change – and they emit their resonances into the air to be absorbed by the skin and hair and inhaled into the body. As one eats mushrooms, of course the nutritional, medicinal, and spiritual gifts of the mushrooms enter the body, affecting it in various systems and in myriad ways.

So, what is called “mindfulness” in the preparation of mushrooms is advantageous, because it allows and encourages – sets the intention for – receiving our gifts and benefits. When you humans offer yourselves as receivers, those who give may give more fully.

You can make an analogy. When a mirror is frosty or filmy you can see your image. You “receive” an image of yourself. When the mirror is clean, you receive an image that is clearer, more brightly colored, the details are more refined and focused. So, imagine yourself as a clean mirror when you handle mushrooms – nothing obstructs the fullness with which you can/are able to absorb what the mushrooms are providing. 

This is an openness – a willingness to receive – not only the nutrition and flavors and medicinal benefits, but also the strength, the energies, the lifting up, the grounding and self-knowing, and acceptance of self and others through the influences of mushrooms.

We desire that people understand that mushrooms are more than food, more than fuel, and even more than nutrition and healing energies. We desire that we are used and appreciated as life enhancers, as a way to wholeness. Many foods have this capacity. Mushrooms have it in abundance, and it is easily received by the body and the energetic matrix for those who are attracted to mushrooms. Those who do not like or have a reaction to mushrooms may find similar effects in foods that are compatible.

THIS is the message we want you to deliver. We want and request that you expand, deepen and permeate for yourself and for other humans how to think about and demonstrate what and who mushrooms are. More than you know, Shiitake Mama.

In all that is, there is Love. In all that is, there is

Connection ~ one to another: humans, trees,

Animals, insects, grass and grains, sun and earth,

Minerals, microbes ~ all in motion, all in connection.
There is only one song

We all sing our parts, desiring beauty,

Harmony, freedom to improvise,

And all in joy, together.

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