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Mushrooms improve our health and wellbeing. Mushroom farming is a proven way out of poverty. 

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Shiitake Mama sits down to talk with Michael Groomer and Kapotahi Frederiksen on their podcast, Travels with Mike & Kap, about channeling the mushrooms and writing articles and books to connect people, animals, and agriculture with the health and healing power of mushrooms.

A one-minute, fun video about keeping ourselves healthy in the Corona Virus time -- and any time. Good for kids to watch and sing! From Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation and Shiitake Mama

Mushrooms On the Menu Nutritional, Medicinal, and Behavioral Effects Relative to ASD

Research, contemporary and traditional uses of nine easily available mushrooms, plus their effects on Autism Spectrum Disorder as reported in direct communication with the mushrooms. Presented at the 2012 Autism One Conference by Sandra Williams, PhD, owner of Lost Creek Mushroom Farm and Director of The Voice of the Mushroom Foundation.

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