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Mushrooms improve our health and wellbeing. Mushroom farming is a proven way out of poverty. 

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Mushrooms for Health and Healing

Spiritual Gifts of Mushrooms (60 minutes)

 “We are not just food and fuel!” Direct communication with mushrooms mixed with scientific research! 

This innovative and exciting program focuses on the effects the mushroom realm can have on our spiritual development, emotional health, mental health and physical well-being – from stimulating creativity to healing grief, eliminating allergies to treating cancer. 

The different species have different voices, energies, information – and a profound desire to serve.
Let's Keep Ourselves Immune  (30-60 minutes)

A one-minute, fun video about keeping ourselves healthy in the Corona Virus time -- and any time. Good for kids to watch and sing!

From Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation and Shiitake Mama
Let’s Keep Ourselves Immune Programs -- Developed for Gigi’s Playhouse NYC for adults, teens and children with Downs Syndrome. In addition to appropriate learning-level presentations with plenty of colorful mushroom pictures and warnings about picking and eating wild mushrooms, “Let’s Keep Ourselves Immune” features singing the song – bunches of fun! The program includes downloadable PDFs: (1) a coloring book with the video characters and pictures of mushrooms; and (2) a Parents’ Packet with information about edible mushrooms, their nutritional and health benefits, and cooking suggestions; shiitake mushroom recipes; and books about mushrooms.
Spirit of the Mushroom Adventure Series

Each segment/presentation in Spirit of the Mushroom Adventure Series shows aspects of how mushrooms serve and support our environment and how medicinal mushrooms work. 

Programs discuss the nutritional and medicinal properties of each species, with traditional lore from around the world, and more. The programs are light and bright and include drawings for free gifts. 

Entertaining and informative. Programs include handouts with recipes when appropriate, and resources for further study. When possible, we provide cooked samples of the mushrooms (except for The Psychedelics!)  

Programs can be one topic or mushroom group, combined, or delivered as a package over six presentations.  If desired,  Madame Tremella can appear at these programs, channeling “Messages from the Mushrooms,” answering questions and giving audience members individual messages from The Spirit of the Mushroom.
Sessions with Madame Tremella are unique, fun, and the messages are real -- information about universal issues, spiritual issues, answers and messages about personal relationships, work and career, spiritual direction and well being.
Morels & Portobellos
Shiitake & Reishi
The Whites: Button, Oyster, Enoki & Beech
Maitake & Turkey Tail
Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps
The Psychedelics
The costs for these programs are determined according to the type of audience, audience size, program length, and travel requirements. Our intentions are to teach about mushrooms, create experiences with mushrooms, and encourage people to eat and use mushrooms for their health and wellbeing. We also must support our business. We keep our fees reasonable.

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