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Shiitake Mama and Surely Grace, Spirit Guides

Surely Grace, a group of spiritual guides whose members have never been in physical form, work with Shiitake Mama, the Mushrooms, and other intelligences and energies, offering universal messages about happiness and wholeness, our relationships with ourselves, one another, work and careers, the Natural World, and The All That Is.

During a session with Surely Grace, the guides connect with the sitter’s higher consciousness – Where are you in your spiritual journey? What’s the next best step? Surely Grace will respond to questions, always with the intention of encouraging easier, happier living and expanding the person’s spiritual development and awareness.
Shiitake Mama offers private sessions in person or by phone or computer connection. Classes, programs, and workshops are posted on Spirit’s Wisdom Meetup.

Contact Shiitake Mama by phone at 800-792-0053 or send us a message.
Surely Grace's ABCs - Spiritual Principles for Easier, Happier Living
Angels all around

Beings of Light

Carols of joy

Destinies fulfilled

Energy shifting

Families born and dying

Great good from and with God

Heaven is here and in Love and Service.

Inside you is all you need.

Justice and fairness are concepts required because of human need and greed – not enough Love.
Kindness is Love expressing.

Love is all there is.

Many lives, many opportunities to Love

Nothing withstands Love. [Nothing can stand against the power of Love]

Open hearts learn most easily.

Power is in Loving and Doing rather than having.

Question all, use your guides.

Random events eventuate in intention fulfilled.

Saturate the world with Love.
Time is fickle, a construct, not linear.

Use all the good you have and know and feel in service.

Validate the worth in everyone and everything.

Wisdom comes from inner observation and failures, ours and not-ours.

Xpect the best.

You are the Divine dancing with Self Will, happily or not, as you follow and lead.

Zones of consciousness expand and contract with the willingness to experience and explore the unknown.

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Or call us at 1 (800) 792-0053


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