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Mushrooms improve our health and wellbeing. Mushroom farming is a proven way out of poverty. 

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Messages from Mushrooms

“We are capable of communication with ALL species. This is because we are so deeply woven into the fabric of consciousness (as well as the fabric of the physical world) and we are highly complex.

Your scientists are learning to understand and to collect information about fungi. Most research studies focus on a single, specific type of mushroom and its effects on health and disease.

We wish for the broader picture to be understood – the spiritual gifts and effects.”

Shiitake Mama Tells the World!

Doug Williams and Shiitake Mama (formerly Sandra Dutreau Williams, PhD) started growing shiitake mushrooms in the 1980s. In 1992, they opened Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, Inc.

Now, as Shiitake Mama Mushrooms, they grow medicinal mushrooms and talk, write and teach about mushrooms ~ how to grow them, how they support all life on earth, and how they can benefit our health and wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. “Messages from Mushrooms” are posted on Facebook and Instagram and here on the Blog. Shiitake Mama is collecting the messages into a book.
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Mushrooms for Wellbeing Foundation
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And through direct communication,
Messages from Mushrooms
with Shiitake Mama
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“Mushrooms are more than food and fuel. They are proven healers for humans, animals, plants, and the Earth. And they are more: From our simple white button mushrooms to life-changing psychedelics, fungi and mushrooms are spiritual teachers. Spiritual healing and wellbeing could be their most important impact on humans.” 
– Shiitake Mama
Shiitake Mama is a psychic channeler who has been communicating with mushrooms for over a decade.
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Contributing to a better world: Mushroom Farming is a proven way out of poverty.

Ghana, West Africa. These oyster mushroom farmers provide high-protein food for their families and communities. They make a decent living! More on Mushrooms in Ghana Project at Mushrooms for Wellbeing Foundation

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Let's Keep Ourselves Immune!

A one-minute, fun video about keeping ourselves healthy in the Corona Virus time -- and any time. 

Good for kids to watch and sing! 

From Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation and Shiitake Mama
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And we have FUN communicating with mushrooms!

Madame Tremella ~ A comic performance character, Madame Tremella is a Romanian psychic who channels mushrooms through the Tremella mushroom on her head. 

She appears at spirit fairs, in public performances and at private parties.
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White Button Mushrooms 
(Agaricus bisporus)
(Cantharellus cibarius)
King Oyster 
(Pleurotus eyngii)
Turkey Tail 
(Trametes versicolor)

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