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Fungi's Role in Disease and Healing

“Mushrooms and fungi are major contributors to energetic shifts in human bodies and minds.”
-- Mushroom Consciousness, November, 2018

We have definite and definitive roles in supporting/maintaining the balance of Nature and the harmony of the One Song; the progression of life to death and death to life; and we are profoundly connected to the universal knowledge/mind of the All That Is.

When a person hosts a fungus that depletes his or her life force and physical being, we are acting in a way harmonious with that person’s soul intention or physical-world/mental intention. We create a situation to be addressed:  A decline that causes self-examination, brings attention to others, requires decisions and actions, and in the end, strengthens or debilitates.

Understand that ALL energies conspire to the intentions/spiritual passages of ALL beings. The Interconnected Web of All Being presents ALWAYS the energies and intentions of all beings.

Therefore, when a mushroom or fungus, a microbe, plant, insect, or animal, or a physical or mental condition create change in a being and its energy/energetic expression, a way has been opened for that change to occur. Sometimes the effect is profound, as with your minister Catherine and the two snake bites; a disease or accident that results in the loss of a limb; an energy or realization that elevate and uplift; a challenge with eating, breathing, standing or walking, use of the body’s parts; unhappiness and happiness; fear and ease; loving and expressing.

This is not a case of “blame the victim,” but to say that all sentience is aware of all other sentience. Some organisms, such as we and many microbes, and energies not in physical form that you might call angels, guides, beings of light, higher self, etc. are informed in an infinite consciousness.

When a disease occurs, those energies that contribute to the dis-ease or condition play their parts in healing or distressing, according to their designs, functions, and limits. In turn, medicine plays its part in manipulating the energies – fungi and microbes in particular – that it can identify and for which treatments (other energies) are available. These medical and medicinal responses effect change, adaptation, and death to the targets.  Think also of the enlivening and strengthening effects of vitamins, minerals, medicinal plants and fungi, sunlight, human contact, and hands-on touching, encouraging dreams, and synchronicities that assist in healing and curing.

Medicine – chemical compounds, particularly inorganic – not living compounds, can effect the changes, but generally (not always, but in most cases) do not replace the life elements that sustain vital life energies and rebuild the physical body. Antibiotics are one case; chemical and radiation therapy another. These are chiefly destructive and leave the body vulnerable to influences of additional and opportunistic energies.

These latter are NOT part of the original energetic structure that called forth or protected a body/mind condition. Because of the intervention, the vital life force can be continued, but likely subdued and restricted.  It may be the case that the individual’s well-being is not re-established, and the cause is the treatment rather than the condition that required its application.

It has been projected that in the future all medicine will be energy medicine – affecting the frequencies and amplitudes of energies causing dis-ease and dis-stress. Healing would be created through managing the energies, as with some “nutraceuticals.”

Mushrooms and fungi are major contributors to energetic shifts in human bodies and minds.

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