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Turkey Tail

Many colors, though the shape is the same – birthed in wood, transforming wood into soil, passing in their own transformations into soil rich with fungal elements and energies.  The turkey tail is similar to humans – All humans have the same origins, the same shapes and have a rich variety of colors.

Transforming earth and enriching knowledge and technology, tearing down the spent to create new. Unfortunately for humans, what is being torn down is not that which has already released its vital life force, as Turkey tail and all decomposing mushrooms do.

In the end there will be much cost for this destruction of land, life, minerals, and poisoning your water and air. In this, mushrooms are superior to the mentality of human greed and lack of respect for the totality of All That Is. Enough said.

Turkey tail is small yet mighty. Its consciousness is far-reaching compared to its size. It has the capability of multiplying itself and its energies so that it becomes strong in community, and yet has strength enough alone.  For optimal effectiveness as a medicinal mushroom, turkey tail works most effectively with others of its own variety.

The energies are already well coordinated and optimally collaborative because there is no misunderstanding, as might be the case with humans when different races work together and must sometimes overcome or work through cultural differences that cause friction and delays.

Perhaps one day people can become more like mushrooms and honor one another’s strengths rather than compromise perfect order by obsession with one another’s differences. 

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