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Hello, Cordyceps. I have come to receive from you. I am open for your message.

As we have said before, although we are NOT as pleasant to consider as others of our kind, we are as significant as all in our family/realm. Powerful healers, yes, for we affect the immune system – that is what we are most well known for. Our spiritual gifts have not been explored. As that is your intention in this book, we shall oblige.

We present an energy of re-creation, rebirth of a kind. Once we have integrated our energies with the bodies’ energies, we create a shift of awareness … specifically, a shift in one’s sensitivity to the Natural World. Because we are known primarily as physical healers, those who rely on us to correct conditions are not aware of our effects in increasing connections to birds and birdsong, flowers, plants, water, air, insects – all beings of the Natural World, including the fey realms. This is quite a stretch for human understanding – that those of us who take/destroy lives so that others may live and flourish could enhance appreciation for beauty and aliveness in the wholeness of the natural world, nonphysical as well as physical. 

Yet, it is seeming, is it not, that we who attack other species and suck dry their physical being and their Vital Life Force, should be the conduit for human connections with other species! It is especially a gift for those who have been very ill, themselves decimated by microbes, injuries and energies in a similar manner. 

Despite the thoughts and urgings of those who seek to keep humanity strong and healthy through mushroom consumption, we are, as you like to say, “the big guns,” “the cannons.”  We are most effective in strong dosage/applications for severe illness. We are less effective if one has been taking us in small doses over longer periods. We have others of our kind who are more effective at maintaining a strong immune system – shiitake, reishi, oyster, and those of less power and strength.  We work well in combination with these in cases of serious conditions. 

The same may be said for chaga and maitake, Fomes fomentarius, Phellinus linteus, and others. Those mushrooms that have the highest, most potent “fire power” are best reserved for the conditions that require them – otherwise, they have biochemical and energetic impacts that are simply discarded from the body and wasted. In some people, a damming or holding onto those energies can slow the metabolism and actually block absorption and the effectiveness of other energies that are needed for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.      

We have not spoken before because we are concerned about contradicting or undermining the messages of others who are advocating daily consumption. They have good intentions. Without supportive research, how would they know? It makes perfect sense to humans that we who offer strong medicinal healing should be used for daily immune support. Thank all of you who are doing this work for your efforts and your own wisdom. Please appreciate and accept our wisdom. We wish for our work for your species to be its most effective. We are here to serve. We are here to heal. We are here to teach. We are here to enable the body to heal itself and to open human sensibilities to the beauty, affirming life, and interconnection with the beings and energies of the Natural World. Thank you for listening.

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