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Morels in the Time of the Pandemic

March 25, 2020      Corona Virus

Morel Mushrooms: Good morning, Mother of Mushrooms.

Shiitake Mama. Good morning! The Corona Virus is a pandemic. There is much concern and fear and many different responses. Comments?

Yes, we have comments. And we have support in terms of healing and energetic contributions to health and wellbeing. Morel season arrives now, hunting and being outside are good for everyone. The mushrooms have a freshening for the human systems that contribute to a stronger immune system, to a more resistant personal energy and to a strengthening of the sense of self as an individual and as a part of the All That Is. We encourage you to speak this for us.

On the disease and its spread, we echo other mushrooms who understand that the virus is an agent for change, a destroyer that creates circumstances for a new order, including:

Relationships — As priorities change, people understand themselves and others from different perspectives; for some, appreciation and love for the self and others grow and deepen. Some become fearful; others are empowered. Friends from the past may drop away; old friendships rekindle. Being separated and being sheltered together, both are opportunities to become kinder.

Understanding more clearly the dependence of humans and all life forms on the health of the air, water, and earth

Coming to know oneself more clearly, whether from ego or heartfeltness, or from connection or isolation

Wanting/needy for circumstances to be different

Accepting what is and adapting to what is

One’s resistance or willingness to respond to the greater, higher purpose and good.

These are aspects of human adaptation and what has been called “ascension” – coming to a greater awareness of what is real. We say again that Love is real. Caring and concern are real — here we mean care and concern for self and others, the environment, and the greater good in one’s choices and actions. Service is real; and, to a degree, selflessness, in which one is willing to release neediness and greed, release fear and resistance, so that the frequencies and life energies of all creation may be increased – family, community, region, country; and that  all beings benefit from each of you living on Earth at this time.

Shiitake Mama: [I see a poster of Uncle Sam pointing at me, “This means you!”]  In this image, who or what would be pointing? A mushroom?

Ha! It would be fun and new. Some people would respond to the image of the God with long hair and a beard wearing robes, or of the Christ, or Krishna, or the Buddha, or Confucius, or Mother Teresa. So, an abstract image is neutral – one person, a family, a community, Nature images of  polluted water becoming clean water, dark, thick air becoming sparkling air, acid rain burning plants and leaving bare, burnt soils and transforming into nourishment and plant growth – and animals coming to feed there and humans to lie on the green grass and watch clouds in a clear blue sky.

How to show a human who is angry, selfish, willing to hurt others for personal gain, transformed into a caring, giving person who thrives from love and service? 

Shiitake Mama: [I see the beginning and ending of  Back to the Future, a movie about a time machine – a dysfunctional family eating on trays in front of the TV, arguing and hurting one another, is transformed into a happy, laughing, loving family eating together at the table.]

As mushrooms, what is our role?  To bring people into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing and to prove that all beings have consciousness and are interdependent as parts of the interconnected web of all being. It is coming to pass and will reach a tipping point.

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